The Divine Language

interpreted and developed by t. leah fehr

The Language of Leeloo

Apipoulaï, ilo caupo man Hila’y’am Deo Tokemata. Sän ligunaï’dalat on din ekbat oum Luc Besson ilo Milla Jovovich ilo tenon brakt manna. Mavana mektetet zhit hila foun’dé oum Hila’y’am Deo Tokemata imanétaba zhit meto’ligunaï ilo din mechtaba , Me o chon man baraniba mino assin’omektan pan lacta’nonjima ligunaï’dalat ilo yututuki imanétaba, chtamant divo mino’sossian, T. Leah Fehr. Hila foun’dé oum mino chtamankt helén foun mechtaba oum Luc Besson ilo Terry Bisson, ilo tokemata founla chacha’souk oum Milla Jovovich. Domo danko dat hela, ilo eto setzuki!

Hello, and welcome to The Divine Language. This s
ite is dedicated to Luc Besson and Milla Jovovich and their combined creativity and talent. Having built upon the most basic of The Divine Language elements available online and in literature, I am proud to present my fellow fans with this ever-growing site and comprehensive guide to The Divine Language, as interpreted by myself, T. Leah Fehr. The root of my interpretation lies in Luc Besson’s original dictionary and script, Terry Bisson’s novel and Milla Jovovich’s use of the language through actual film dialogue. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

T. Leah Fehr