The Divine Language

interpreted and developed by t. leah fehr

Divinian - an unofficial guide and dictionary

Divinian - The Language of the Gods.  The Divine Language.

The Divinian tongue is the oldest of all languages; a dialect from which all contemporary language finds its origin.  Divinian is the elemental language of the human race; a language conceived of intangible and forgotten gods.  A language lost to time.  Until now.

In the spring of 1997, remnants of this forgotten language were offered to the world by a French scribe and playwright, who had devoted years of research to its study and development.  It was speculated, at the time, that he had uncovered over 800 words of the original vernacular, however less than 150 words were actually made public.  Following the revelation

of the existence of the language in 1997, the scribe ostensibly resigned his studies, and his research and findings were all but lost, save for a few notations and articles, based more on conjecture than fact, by devoted linguistic students who had followed his work.

T. Leah Fehr has undertaken an independent and ongoing study of the remaining fragments of the Divine Language.  Through exhaustive research and collaboration, she has uncovered more words of the original language than have ever before been revealed.  This text is a collection of over 1300 Divinian words and phrases, as well as grammatical rules and an extensive study of Divinian parts of speech.  As a poet and scribe herself, T. Leah Fehr strives to revive this lost language, to develop it into a living language that can be learned, written, spoken and passed down through generations, lest it be mislaid once more.  

This language represents the conception

of the spoken word.

May we bear witness to its rebirth.

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Intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only.  Divinian is a fictitious language and is NOT intended for biblical, historical, literary, linguistic, etymological or factual usage.  This text is derived from an independent and unofficial interpretation of the Divine Language, and is not sponsored by Gaumont or any affiliates thereof.  Any and all words and definitions appearing in this text which originated in the script by Luc Besson, the publications of Luc Besson or Terry Bisson, the soundtrack by Eric Serra, or the film The Fifth Element (Copyright © 1997 Gaumont. All Rights Reserved.), are for reference purposes only and are not owned by this author.  All sources accredited herein.